The Most Beautiful King of Christmas Trees

I love Christmas! And today, I am sharing the most Beautiful King of Christmas Trees. Flocked, green, short, and tall! I have them all.

I used to be one that had to have a real tree; I loved the look, the smell, and the excursion to cut the tree down.

There was something magical about it. But times have changed, and I have learned to go with the flow. The reality is that a real tree does not hold up in the house for the amount of time I want to enjoy it. So then I discovered King of Christmas Trees. I think they make the most beautiful faux trees and have a tree style for everyone.

Ling of Christmas tree- noble fir

The types of King of Christmas Trees

King of Christmas carries all kinds of trees; here is my favorites list.

  • Noble Fir
  • King Flocked
  • Queen Flocked
  • Fraser Fir
  • Tribeca Spruce
  • Royal Fir
  • Cypress Spruce
  • Yorkshire Fir
  • Duchess
  • Alpine Fir
  • Aspen Fir
  • Rushmore

The tree you see above in my Living room last year is an 8′ Noble fir with 600 warm LED lights.

The most Beautiful King of Christmas Trees ( honestly, they are all beautiful )

I currently own three of these trees The Noble Fir, The Queen flocked, and the Slim Douglas Fir.

I love the openness of Noble, which you can see in my Living room in the above picture. This tree feels so natural and fresh. I decorated it in gold and white last year. Hmmm…. You will have to sit tight just a bit longer to see what she will wear this year.

The King flocked tree lives in my family room and is the first flocked tree I have owned. I must say I love it. Our family room can be dark, so the flocking brightens up this room. Last year, I decorated this tree in all red and white with giant jingle bells. This year she is feeling a bit more natural; I think you will love it.

Lastly, my newest tree, which was gifted to me this year from the King of Christmas, is a 9′ Douglas Fir slim tree. This is the perfect tree for my dining room as it is tall but not overwhelming. She is all dolled up and ready to make her debut soon.

King of Christmas Noble Fir Tree
king of christmas queen flocked tree 7.5"
9" slim King of Christmas Douglas Fir tree

Different ways to Decorate your King Of Christmas Trees

There are countless ways you can decorate your trees. Some like a traditional tree with all your childhood ornaments, some like a simple tree with just lights and ribbon, while others may choose a theme for their tree.

Since my kids are gone, and I have given them all of their ornaments, we like to choose a theme for our trees.

Here are a few of my past tree themes. Woodland, black and white, red and white, rustic Christmas treen all gold, Christmas in the kitchen, Jingle bells, football, and so many more. Dreaming up the theme and imagining what you can put on your tree is a joy . You can see my red and white tree post from last year here. You could do an animal tree or a princess tree. Think about what your family loves and what would bring them joy.

Of course, there are specific trends that seem to come and go. A few trends I am seeing this year are black and white decor, natural-themed trees, Mint green with frosted silver trees, and trees decorated with tones of purple.. As I said, these are trends. Of course, a beautiful traditional tree is always in and will never get old or tiring. And in case you love a colored tree, King of Christmas has you covered.

They come in blue or pink.

Woodland Christmas Tree
King of Christmas Flocked Tree

Christmas Tree traditions

The German tradition of decorating trees at Christmas started in the 16th century and was initially done out of devotion to Christianity. Some would build pyramids made from wood, while others used evergreens with candles attached if it wasn’t available otherwise; this happened because Martin Luther wanted his family to be able to enjoy some aspect of winter even when they were inside looking outside–so he had lights wired onto branches on one specific tree for them!

What are the traditions you have created around the Christmas Tree? Do you decorate the tree as a family? Sip on your favorite beverage while decorating the tree. Maybe you read particular verses out of the bible or your favorite Christmas story?

I love to have my grandchildren over to help decorate my tree, it is such a magical time of the year, and I enjoy having a sleepover with the girls. We get dressed in our Christmas jammies, enjoy hot cocoa, and deck the tree with ornaments ( maybe we will make a few). These are the memories we are making that will last a lifetime.

Girls decorating my King of Christmas Tree

Sometimes it’s too much work to drag the big tree out, and you may want a small tree. I have gathered a few of my favorites for you. I like to add these to my front porch, in the shed, and in my kitchen.

The Big Tree Decision

Whether you put up a real or faux tree, I hope you found this post informative and interesting.

Stay tuned as I will be revealing my three large trees one at a time this year, so you can fully take in how I created each one.

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  1. Wow! So gorgeous Wendy! So many great ideas and the girls look adorable helping out! Susan

    1. Thank you Susan, we are all in the tink of getting those trees out and decorated. I cant wait to see yours.

  2. King of Christmas trees are so gorgeous and lifelike! I’m so excited to get my trees up and I can’t wait to see how you decorate your trees this year!

    1. I agree Donna, Christmas trees are truly magical. I am so excited to see your home all decked out for the holidays too.

  3. Wow Wendy your trees are truly works of art! I learned so much about Christmas trees in this post but the most important part, or special part, is the memories you are making with your granddaughters. What a wonderful grandma you are!

    1. Thank you, Crystal, It is such a magical time of the year and so important that we involve the little ones as much as we can. They will be all grown up before we know it.

  4. Yes, those are fantastic trees! I have 4 King of Christmas trees and I adore them! Especially love that I can change the brightness of the lights. Enjoy the fun times with the girls.

    1. Hi Cindy, I agree. King of Christmas certainly makes the best trees. The girls will be over to help me out this weekend.
      Thank you for stopping by.

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