Its a Wrap with Target Gift Wrap-13 Gift Wrapping Ideas

This post will show you how to take your gift-wrapping skills up a notch using Target Gift wrap, along with twelve other blogs to inspire you.

Are you looking for creative gift wrap inspiration? With the holiday season wrapping up, unique, personal gifts are all the rage. But how can you take your presents to the next level with stylish and eye-catching packaging? By taking a cue from Target’s great selection of Christmas gift wrap supplies and teaming it up with creative ideas from around the web – including twelve of my amazing crafty blogger friends dedicated solely to wrapping projects! Whether describing seasonal trends or offering step-by-step tutorials, these top Bloggers will have you rethinking your approach to decorating gifts this coming year. So get ready to unroll some paper – we’re about to embark on an exciting journey toward stylishly wrapped holiday packages!

What kind of wrapping do you like? Traditional, crafty, elegant? Or maybe you like natural, bright-colored, or you prefer to use gift bags. Whatever your style is, I think you will find a feast for your eyes below.

Thank you to Kristy @athomewithkristy for hosting this fun gift-wrapping share. Today we share many gorgeous wrapping ideas, from sweet and simple to fancy Nancy! There is sure to be something that sparks your interest here.

Gift Wrapping Ideas with Target Gift Wrap- WM Design House

Are you a Target shopper? I sure am, so this was the perfect spot to pick up my Target gift wrap this year. I love when I can kill two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean. Grab a few gifts, wrap, and even your groceries. It is about time management this time of the year; the fewer stops, the better. Click on the link below to read all about my wrapping suggestions this year and many from years past.

You can read about the Target gift wrap I chose this year RIGHT HERE.

Target wrapping paper gifts

This year I went with traditional colors and a garden theme. Lots of trees and greenery embellished with wax sachets and handmade gift tags.

Wax sachet on top of target wrapping paper
Target wrapping paper with velvet ribbon
Target Wrapping paper with folded Christmas Tree

I love to try new things each year. Last year I used my family’s baby pictures as tags. This was so fun as everyone had to figure out which gifts were there’s.

elegant gift wrapping
Create a gift bag out of wrapping paper
Personalized gift wrapping

Gift Wrapping from Around the Web

Now it’s time to meet my friends and see what kind of wrapping they are doing this year.

Kristy @athomewithkristy

Kristy has created a masterpiece with her holiday gift wrapping! She’s genuinely displayed the season of giving in all its splendor through vibrant colors and an eye-catching tree.

Be sure to check out her Easy and Elegant gift wrapping ideas.

Christmas gift wrapping under the tree

Next up is my friend Regina @savedfromsalvage

Regina has some of the most clever tips and tricks to make your holiday packages look unique this year – she’s showing us how we can spruce up our gift wrapping with fr greens, Target craft paper, and so much more! Sounds like festive fun for everyone.

Christmas package with truch and fresh greenery

Susan @henandhorsedesign

Susan is an absolute gift-wrapping genius! Today, she’s treating us to her special presentation on using brown craft paper and velvet ribbon. It looks especially dazzling with the gold accents that perfectly coordinate with her holiday tree – so chic!

Hmmm… I am getting the feeling we all love Target gift wrap. What do you think?

green and gold wrapping

Meet my new friend Jennifer @bellagreydesigns

Jennifer has presented us with an array of gorgeous colors – luminous pink, shimmering gold, deep black, and pristine white. Her blog post will inspire you on how to craft your own luxurious gifts for friends or family!

Glamorous Christmas wrapping

Next up is my friend Rachel @thepondsfarmhouse

Need a bow-tying breakthrough? Rachel is here to show you the ropes! Learn how to make professional bows for every present with her foolproof technique — no more lopsided bows.

Click here to read how to make the perfect bow every time.

Red and white bow making  target gift wrapping

More Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Meet Cindy @DIYbeautify

Cindy has a treat in store for you! She’s presenting an impressive array of 11 unique gift-wrapping techniques – don’t miss out on the opportunity to dazzle your friends and family this holiday season!

Red and white wrapping with cookie cutter

Hello Missy! @sonatahomedesigns

Missy’s gift-wrapping mission is to make the holidays merry and bright! Her expert tips on making this season a breeze will leave you feeling full of holiday cheer. I love how she wraps her gifts one personality at a time.

Colorful Christmas wrapping

Meet my friend Nicole @ourtinynest

Nicolle is making the holidays extra special by sharing four festive and imaginative gift-wrapping ideas sure to bring smiles. From dried oranges with a sprinkle of cinnamon to an adorably pink-nosed reindeer, these are gifts as delightful to wrap up as they are for anyone to receive!

Simple kraft paper with dried orange embellishement

This is my dear friend Crystal from @sweetvalleyacres

Crystal has used her incredible creativity and taste to transform simple kraft wrapping paper from Target into a stunning holiday masterpiece! With dark green packaging, sparkly wooden ornaments, and that special touch she brings to everything.

Click on the link to read five ways to wrap with brown kraft paper

natural kraft paper wrapping embellished with green

This is my dear Fried Rosy @jennywrendesigns

If you’re looking for an extra special touch for your upcoming presents, these charming DIY gift bags from Rosy are just the answer! With a cozy natural look and feel that’s perfect this season, they’ll make each present even more special.

Click here to see Rosy’s brown paper packages tied up with string.

Gift bags from Rosey

Meet a few more of my Gift-Wrapping friends

Meet Kylie @truemantreasures

Kylie is the gift-wrapping guru, sharing her secrets to achieve perfectly adorned presents this holiday season. Don’t miss out on discovering how she can help you add that extra special touch to your gifting!

Colorful wrapped Christmas presents

Santa has certainly been to Sheri’s @savvyinthesuburbs

Get your wrapping paper ready – Sheri has plenty of clever ideas for the perfect present presentation. Give gift-giving a fresh twist with her inspiring and delightful ways to wrap up any surprise!

Unique Christmas gift wrapping
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christmas gift wrapping
Gift wrapping with Target Wrapping Paper

Now that you’ve seen all these different ideas for Christmas gift wrapping, which is your favorite? I love mixing and matching different styles to create unique looks for each present. If you’re looking for more inspiration, follow my blog. I’ll be sharing even more ideas in the lead-up to Christmas. Comment below and let me know which idea is your favorite!

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  3. Your gift wrapping ideas are so clever, Wendy! This was a fun blog share and I love seeing all of the unique ideas!

    1. Thank you, Missy. I think this was my favorite hop this year.

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    1. Always great to hop with you, Kylie! Merry Christmas.

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  7. I love all of those ideas! The truck with the rosemary spring tree in the back is so cute; going to have to try that one.

  8. I love all of those ideas! The truck with the rosemary spring tree in the back is so cute.

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