How To Create An Amazing Minimalist Table Decor With Ombre Easter Eggs

Know about Ombre Easter Eggs and Minimalist Table Decor. Do you love Easter, but just want simple and easy decor? Well, I have got you covered and it is as simple as this!!

easter eggs

This is an easy centerpiece and so full of color. You can lay them straight, or put them into a wreath shape, heck you can even make a wreath to hang on your door with them.

easter eggs

Where to get the Easter Eggs

Order your  6 ” styrofoam eggs here

And your other assorted sizes here

Mixing Colors

Hopefully, you have an assortment of paint at home, or you can pick up some at Michael’s.

To get the different shades I mixed a few colors, for example, I took the dark blue and added white to get light blue,

I then added some green to get a blueish green etc.

Smoothing The Easter Eggs

I did take some very fine sandpaper and smoothed them out a little bit.

I had some styrofoam blocks and cones, so I put a toothpick in the egg and then painted it, and stuck the other end of the toothpick into the foam to dry. This also made it very easy to spray the eggs.

easter eggs

Secret Touch!

The final touch was a clear spray to add some shine.

easter eggs

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