Complete step by step instructions to make DIY French Botanical Books for Home Decor

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DIY French Botanical Books for Home Decor
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My love for French Botanical Books

 I have a real love for books, and today I am sharing how to make DIY french botanical books. Not only do I love to read, but I love to decorate with books. They can add so much to a space. You can use books to create a visually pleasing display or use the books as a conversation piece.

I have never heard that you have to stick with shelving to house your books. You can store books in just about anything and even create a fun display with them.
You could use a wagon to hold books in a child’s room or place books on a coffee table, the options are virtually endless.

The books are used to create a beautiful rainbow of design. Using this method adds pretty pops of color to the room, creating an interesting sense of visual contrast, as well as a touch of playfulness.

For me, I love to re-purpose my books into the decor, so when you are finished reading your books, don’t throw them away! Or if you don’t read, head to the thrift store and pick up a few for under a buck!
Turn them into art as I have with these beautiful French-inspired botanical books I have used as decor for the spring.

DIY French Botanical Books for Home Decor

Complete step by step instructions to make French Botanical Books for Home Decor

Start with a stack of three or four books that are the same size and thickness.

Tear off the covers of the books.

Botanical Books

Print an image you would like to adhere to the binding of your DIY French Botanical Books

(You want to use a laser printer so the ink does not bleed )
Adjust the size of the image to the size of your books before printing.

I chose to use a french botanical theme with insects and a rabbit, I even put my sweet granddaughter on one stack of books.

prints for botanical books

Use a can of spray glue or use Mod Podge to attach the print to the books ( see image below)

Let this dry for an hour or so.

DIY French Botanical Books for Home Decor

Next, you want to put a coat of Mod podge over the image, let this dry for a few hours.

You may see a few bubbles, just rub them with your fingers, I find when the books are dry, the bubbles mostly go away.

Using a very shape Exacto knife, cut in between each book.
Push the edges of the paper into the creases of the books and add another layer of modge podge.

DIY French Botanical Books for Home Decor

Let this dry for a few hours.

Trim the paper to fit just on the binding of the books.

DIY French Botanical Books for Home Decor

You can leave your books like this, or you can antique them with Annie Sloan Dark Wax.
I like to mix some clear wax with the dark wax, apply it with a dry brush, and then use a paper towel to wipe off any excess. I love this look as it makes the books look vintage.

Lastly I wrapped the books with twine and added a few branches with greenery for decorate the top. Use your creativity when decorating your books to make them fit into your home decor.

DIY French Botanical Books for Home Decor
books displayed,
DIY French Botanical Books for Home Decor

Now you can pair these beautiful books with the flower pots from my post on IG yesterday. Watch it here.

french botanical pots
I hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY. I love making book stacks and displaying them in my house.

Happy Crafting!


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