Holiday Wrapping

Fresh Christmas
Fresh Christmas
December 9, 2020
Gold Leaf Ornaments
Gold Leaf Ornaments
December 20, 2020


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Holiday Wrapping, Every year I like to create special packaging for my family, something that is very personalized and feels festive.

Holiday Wrapping

This year I decided on a simple and natural look using brown craft paper, red and white ribbons and twine and adding in some fresh greenery and boy does it smell good.

Holiday Wrapping

I went to the garden for inspiration and saw my lush looking rosemary bush and decided to create holiday shapes of a tree, candy cane, snowflake, wreath and a cross using fresh cut rosemary.

Holiday Wrapping Holiday Wrapping Holiday Wrapping Holiday Wrapping

Holiday Wrapping

It is so simple to bend the branches into shapes, I did add some wire for the candy cane, for the wreath, I simply shaped it into a circle and tied the rosemary together.

For the tree, I cut three small pieces, tied two together at the top with a bow and then glued a smaller piece across the bottom with a glue gun. I added a small twig for the stump.

The snowflake is four pieces, two were 6″ long and two were 4″ long. I first made a cross and then lay the shorter pieces over the cross diagonally. Use some twine to secure in the center.

Lastly the cross was created using four small pieces of rosemary , I put the bottom part of the cutting together and glued the two ends, do this two times and then cross them about 1″ from the top and add a little hot glue, then tie them together with some twine.


The personal tags are made out of Model Magic ( Crayola ).

This is so simple, just roll it out with a rolling pin and use cookie cutters to cut into any shape, I then used a round wooden skewer to cut the hole at the top. These do take about three days to fully dry, so give yourself enough time to dry.

I then used a stamp to create names and words that I imprinted onto the tags.

Here is the link to the set I purchased on Amazon

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