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December 5, 2021
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Are you ready to make some DIY Rope Crafts for Christmas?

When choosing my decor for Christmas, I am always so torn.

Natural greens and wood tones with pine cones are some of my favorites for Christmas, but I also love pops of red with white flocked greenery.

So who says I can’t have a little of both.

If you follow my blog,  you know I love rope crafts. I have done several in the past and could not let Christmas go by without creating a few rope projects.

Today, I will share how to make three different DIY Rope crafts for Christmas.

These trees are so beautiful and would look lovely in a vignette long after Christmas is over. 

Tree #1 is the rope trees on the dowels.

There are two different sizes, but they are put together in the same way.

You will need a roll of  50 ft. sisal rope to make these two trees.

DIY Rope Crafts for Christmas

Two wooden boxes or blocks

1 3/16″ wooden dowels

If you use a wood box, you will need a piece of styrofoam to insert into the box to stick the dowel into.

DIY Rope Crafts for Christmas



Insert the styrofoam into the inner part of the box and replace the box with its cube. ( you can glue the box inside of the cube for more stability if you want) If you are using the Dollar Tree box as I did. Make sure that when you put the drawer back into the cube, the side with the design cut out is face-up as this is where you are going to insert the dowel.

You need two dowels, 1 13″ long and 1 24″ long.  Insert on dowl in each box into the styrofoam. Add some hot glue for security and make sure the dowel is straight.

Cut your rope into the following lengths, I used sharp garden shears, and they worked well.

When you cut them, lay them out like the image, the smallest rope at the top to the longest rope at the bottom.

First, for the small tree, you need to cut the following:

8 pieces – 7″ long

9 pieces –  6″ long

3 pieces –  5.5″ long

2 pieces – 5″ long

3 pieces – 4″ long

3 pieces – 3.5″ long

1 piece –   3″ long

4 pieces – 2.25″ long

DIY Rope crafts

Secondly, for the large tree, you need to cut the following:

12 pieces – 8″ long

11 pieces – 7″ long

12 pieces –  6″ long

10 pieces – 4″ long

10 pieces – 3″ long

3 pieces – 2″ long

Thirdly, cut an additional piece of rope about 1.5″ long and unravel it.

Glue the shredded rope around the dowel base over the cutout to avoid seeing it.


I am starting with the longest pieces of rope.

Eyeball the middle of the rope and slightly unroll the rope.

Place it over the dowel and slide it down to rest on top of the box.

Note: The rope wants to fold into a U shape. Put the rope onto the dowel with the U side down.

Sisal rope trees

Continue to put the rope pieces on using the same process and adjust their position, so you have ropes going in all directions.

DIY sisal rope crafts for Christmas


ope crafts for Christmas


Keep placing the rope on the dowel until you have all the rope pieces on the dowel.

ope crafts for Christmas


Repeat the same process for the larger tree.

You can leave the tree like this or unravel some of the rope and soften the edges.

Untwist the ends to unravel the rope, then rub the ends in the palm of your hand, and it will create the rope to be fuzzy.

DIY Rope Crafts for Christmas

The second tree-style was a flat wooden tree I bought at Hobby Lobby.

First, I cut pieces of the sisal rope in the width of the tree, plus an extra inch on both sides.

Secondly, I hot glued the rope pieces onto the entire tree, one at a time.

ope crafts for Christmas

Thirdly, cut a few pieces o rope approximately 1.5″-2″ long, unraveled them, and glued them to the top of the tree-like the image below.


ope crafts for Christmas


Thirdly, I cut a few pieces o rope apporximaely 11.5-2" long, unravled them and glued them to the top of the tree.

Trim any necessary rope.

Unravel the rope on the sides by untwisting and rubbing it in the palm of your hands.

Lastly, that brings us to the smallest tree that I made.

Start with a $5 wooden tree from Target.  Wrap the rope around the tree, using the hot glue gun to attach the rope.

I started at the top of the tree and worked my way down to the bottom.

These are all relatively quick and easy crafts to make, so get ready to create a forest of trees.


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